At Nica Creative we channel our passion into a range of services.
Our collection of sizzling skills includes:

Web design * Digital Design & Marketing * Social Media Management Copywriting Brand Strategy * Event Planning Training * Integrated Marketing * Web Development


Writing is a science that demands the expertise of highly qualified and passionate writers.

Through a thoughtful blend of original text, enticing headers and gripping content, our team builds and maintains the most credible reputation for your business, while generating traffic and helping you stand out in your distinctive niche.

Nica Creative guarantees that your typescript will be created, developed and edited with microscopic attention to detail and packed with the most alluring material for your target audience.

Creative Design

Your professional brand is one of your most valuable assets. It is imperative that you have a brand that inspires and engages your target audience.

Nica Creative has a team of the most creative ninjas who make it their mission to engineer powerful branding, striking design and an extensive range of multi-media marketing material.

Event Management & Planning

Planning the perfect event requires foresight, efficient execution and attention to detail. From large-scale events to
the tiniest occasions, Nica Creative has the experience, skills and creative flair to bring your event to life.

Whether you need assistance to get your plan off the ground or just to make an existing event reach its fullest potential, we possess
the flexibility, speed and reliability to make your event the best that it can be while setting a vogue trend in the industry!

Customer Relationship Management & Social Media

Social and Digital media are the forms of word-of-mouth advertising that influence consumer purchasing decisions. It is imperative that your business joins, and remains actively involved, in this conversation.

Nica Creative will analyse your current social and digital media presence and build it from the ground up in a process that is tailored to your brand. After solidifying a comprehensive strategy, we will manage your accounts or provide you with the necessary training to do it yourself!

Strategic Planning & Development

A strategy is a formal structure that is used to set priorities, focus energy, gather resources and direct operations towards a common goal. A creative strategy is all of this and more; an amalgamation of creative decisions and actions that shape and guide the essence of every organisation.

Nica Creative offers strategic planning services that will help you articulate not only your organisation’s creative direction and the necessary actions needed to make progress, but also how to measure the success of your business and creative approach


A key objective of Nica Creative is not only to service our clients, but also to empower them. Whether it be in-house training or simply the development of a training manual, our objective is to equip you with the necessary tools to become the master of your business investment.

So, if you would like to take things to a more creative level, with clear communication processes that are tailored to your brand, get in touch with us today and achieve the tangible results.